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Prior to the inception of the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority (Rockland Green), a Solid Waste Management Committee existed as a sub-committee of the Rockland County Legislature. This Committee was charged by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) http://www.dec.ny.gov to develop a Solid Waste Management Plan (‘the Plan’) that would address the County's solid waste issues and opportunities.

In 1992, the NYSDEC approved the Rockland County Final Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement ("the Plan"). With the pending closure of all three of Rockland's municipal landfills along with new scientific understanding of the important role of proper handling and disposal of solid waste materials for protection of the environment, implementation of the Plan was applauded as a valuable and critical initiative.

In 1994, The Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority (‘the Authority’) was created by the New York State Assembly Authorities Act and the Rockland County Legislature. The Authority Bylaws Authority By-Laws also were promulgated. The Authority consists of 17 members: 13 elected officials consisting of the five town supervisors (ex officio), eight legislative representatives (5 majority & 3 minority members), two Village Mayors and two representatives of the County Executive. The members are not compensated for their time in any way.

Over the years, the Plan has been implemented by the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority ("the Authority") within the framework of the hierarchy required by State law, and is now in the process of being updated in concert with the updated NYS Solid Waste Plan, Beyond Waste, A Sustainable Materials Management Strategy for NYS Including Key Findings, Goals, Impacts, Focus and Recommendations. http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/41831.html The goals of the Plan are to maximize waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. The Plan examines solid waste issues through the lens of sustainability and focuses on opportunities to support and protect the environment through the recovery and re-use of recyclable paper; glass; metal and plastic containers; compostable materials; sewage bio-solids; bulky wastes and construction and demolition debris; and household hazardous waste.

The Plan is further supported by the Rockland County Department of Health Sanitary Code, Article XVII https://rocklandgov.com/files/8513/3310/9680/Article_17_Separation_of_NonOffensive_Mat.pdf

While the Authority originated as a local Rockland County facility and continues to serve the original county municipalities and customers (a population of over 310,000 people spread across 173.3 square miles), the Authority has evolved into a network of integrated waste management facilities accepting materials regionally, including:

A Materials Recovery Center (MRF), taking in over 36,000 Tons of recyclable materials #s1-7 per year.

Three regional garbage Transfer Stations that aggregate regional Municipal Solid Waste (MSW); handling over 350,000 Tons per year.

A regional Cocomposting Facility (CoCo) processes over 5,500 Tons of preprocessed biosolids, mixed with over 7,000 Tons of yard waste and clean wood waste each year, creating a rich, top grade compost for local landscapers and civil engineering projects; and

Two (2) Yard Waste Facilities that process over 140,000 Tons of material per year.

Additionally, The Authority operates one of the few permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facilities (HHW) in New York State’s that is open 5 days a week, plus targeted weekend dates. The Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW) receives over 100,000 gallons of paint, about 60,000 lbs. of batteries and more than 4,000 lbs. of unwanted medication. With miscellaneous solid waste (i.e. fluorescent bulbs and computer components) brought to the HHW there is over a million pounds of hazardous waste processed at the facility.

In 2019, the Authority rebranded and now uses the trade name of Rockland Green.  The purpose of the adoption of the trade name is to reflect our mission.  Our mission is to develop the education, programs and technology to lead the waste prevention, recovery, and responsible disposal movement in Rockland County.

In 2020, Rockland Green will continue to improve outreach, education, and will be developing future technologies to carry Rockland Green into the next century.

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