All drivers and helpers MUST stay with their vehicles while unloading. 


Safety vests and PPE are REQUIRED

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2023 Paper Shredding Events. 
This event is a Drive-Thru service. Residents should remain in their vehicles.
All boxes will be removed from the trunk/hatchback by onsite staff for secure shredding.

Event Flyer

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Effective Saturday 7/1/2023 

All loads of Acceptable Recyclables can now be delivered to the Materials Recovery Facility.

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Effective Immediately:

Rockland Green will not be accepting out of State or out of County MSW, C&D or Recyclables until further notice. 

Out of County municipalities with an Intermunicipal Agreement will be allowed entry.

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The New What Goes Where Mobile Dashboard is Now Available!

Add Shortcut to Your Homescreen.

Welcome to the What Goes Where mobile dashboard! The What Goes Where mobile dashboard is a quick and convenient way to learn how to recycle or dispose of items such as medical waste, plastic toys, styrofoam, and more right from your smartphone or tablet. 

Accessible on all devices. No installation is required.

iPhone or iPad

STEP 1 - Open Safari and visit the What Goes Where mobile dashboard at

STEP 2 - Once the page is loaded, tap the very top of the page where your time and battery indicator display; (you should see your mobile browser’s URL display over the top as well as navigation controls at the bottom.)

STEP 3 - At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a box icon with an arrow pointing up. 
 Click this icon. 

STEP 4 - Touch the “Add to Home Screen” link. You have the option to Title the icon that shows up in your Dashboard. Otherwise, just touch the “Add” link in the upper right corner. The What Goes Where mobile dashboard icon now displays on your iPhone dashboard. 


STEP 1 - Open the Google Chrome App and visit

STEP 2 - In the upper right corner of the browser click on the three dots stacked on top of each other (menu icon), this will open a menu. Select “Add to homescreen”.

STEP 3 - A window will open that will allow you to re-title the icon that will show on your home screen. When you are done click “Add” and the What Goes Where mobile dashboard icon will display on your homescreen.