Starting July 12, 2021, the Bowline Transfer Station will be operating at a restricted volume access,

only packers, full-eject front loaders, and self-contained compactors vehicles will be permitted access to the facility.

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2021 Paper Shredding Events. This event is a Drive-Thru service. Residents should remain in their vehicles. All boxes will be removed from the trunk/hatchback by onsite staff for secure shredding.

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Governance Committee

This model Governance Committee Charter reflects current best practices and incorporates the statutory requirements of the Public Authorities Accountability Act. This document is intended for use by public authorities as a guide for formulating and/or revising their own charters. No sample charter can encompass all activities that might be appropriate for a specific authority’s governance committee. Given the differences in purpose and resources that exist among public authorities, all the activities identified in this model charter may not be relevant to every authority’s governance committee. Therefore, this charter should be modified to address the needs and governing rules of each individual authority. 

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Committee Members:

  • Comm. Howard Phillips
  • Comm. Larry Lynn
  • Comm. Mike Kohut
  • Comm. Stephen Powers
  • Comm. George Hoehmann
  • Comm. Phil Soskin