Food Scrap Recycling Program

In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfills, The Towns of Clarkstown and Orangetown are partnering with Rockland Green to recycle residents’ food scraps.

Why separate your food scraps?          

Food Scraps are the single largest component in the Municipal Solid Waste stream (MSW). Decomposition of Food Scraps in a landfill produces methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more damaging than CO2. Food Scraps are valuable materials that if properly collected and composted can help reduce pollution and improve overall quality of life. Your Food Scraps will be processed into beautiful nutrient rich compost instead of heading to the landfill that is over 320 miles from Rockland County.

How to Food Scrap Recycle in Clarkstown, it’s easy:

How to Food Scrap in Orangetown, its easy:

 **Residents must use the lined Compostable Brown Bags provided free of charge at the Highway Departments. They are not the same as the leaf bags.**

What can be placed into the Composting Bags?
Acceptable Items:
Fruits and Vegetables (remove stickers, bands, and ties)
Meat and Poultry (bones ok)
Fish and Shellfish (shells ok)
Dairy Products
Bread & Pasta
Rice and Grains
Chips and Snacks
Beans, Nuts & Seeds
Leftover and Spoiled Food
Coffee Grounds (paper filters ok)
Tea Bags (no staples)
Cut Flowers

Non-Acceptable Items:
NO plastic bags, compostable/biodegradable bags, packaging, stickers, rubber bands or twist ties.
NO pet waste, baby wipes, foil, paper plates or paper towels.
NO plastic, glass, metal or kitchenware.

If it’s not on the list, IT IS NOT compostable in Rockland County!