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Co-Composting Facility

composting facility

**The Authority will suspend all deliveries into the Co-Composting Facility as it relates to OUT OF COUNTY / OUT OF STATE generated BRUSH, WOOD CHIPS, and PALLETS.**

**Effective 8/10/2020 Wood Chip generated/declared IN COUNTY will be accepted in West Nyack.**

Any load of Wood Chip generated/declared IN COUNTY can be delivered to the West Nyack facility at the current rate of $57.00/ton.

This Rockland County Co-Composting Facility recycles bio-solids from the wastewater treatment plants in Rockland County. The bio-solids are mixed with clean wood waste and then composted. The finished product is an excellent soil amendment for use on golf courses, flower gardens, and landscaping projects.

The Facility is a state-of-the-art in-vessel agitated bin composting plant that processes clean brush, wood waste, bio-solids (sludge), and other organic residues in the production of exceptional quality compost. The Facility is operated by WeCare Organics under contract to the Authority. It is located adjacent to the Authority's Materials Recovery Facility and Transfer Station in Hillburn, NY.

Map & Directions

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

To dispose of clean wood waste

The Co-Composting Facility accepts clean wood, including tree parts, brush, pallets and lumber no larger than 3' x3'. Wood treated with paint, adhesive, creosote, lacquer or other chemicals, however, is not acceptable. The fee is $25.00 per ton. The fee for wood pallets is $10.00 per ton. Pre-ground woodchips are periodically accepted for free. All materials are subject to inspection and acceptance by facility operator. Please call (845) 753-2242 for more detailed information.


400 Torne Valley Road Hillburn, NY 10931