All drivers and helpers MUST stay with their vehicles while unloading. 


Safety vests and PPE are REQUIRED

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2023 Paper Shredding Events. 
This event is a Drive-Thru service. Residents should remain in their vehicles.
All boxes will be removed from the trunk/hatchback by onsite staff for secure shredding.

Event Flyer

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Effective Monday 9/13/21 until further notice:

All loads of Acceptable Cardboard are to be delivered to the West Nyack Facility.
All loads of Mixed Paper and Mixed Containers are to be delivered to Bays 5 & 6 of the Hillburn Transfer Station.

No hand unloading will be permitted at the Hillburn Transfer Station until further notice.
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Effective Immediately:

Rockland Green will not be accepting out of State or out of County MSW, C&D or Recyclables until further notice. 

Out of County municipalities with an Intermunicipal Agreement will be allowed entry.

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Recycling Contamination

What is recycling contamination?

Anything other than what is specifically designated for each bin is contamination. Even recyclable materials, such as plastic and other paper products, can act as contaminants if they are disposed of in the wrong recycling container.

Why is this notice on my recycling bin?

If a waste hauler sees non-recyclable material in a resident’s bin, the hauler will place one of the notice stickers on the bin, letting the resident know that the bin’s contents that day were unable to be recycled. 

Download Non-Compliance Notice (pdf)

Why is contamination bad?

It slows down the recycling process and can damage the sorting machines or endanger workers on the sorting line.


How do I dispose of my E-Waste?

Waste electronics can be brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 35 Firemen’s Memorial Drive in Pomona or participating retailers.

NYS Law bans the disposal of electronic waste in landfills and bans waste haulers from collecting it. It is the consumer’s responsibility to dispose of these materials properly. As mentioned, waste electronics can be brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 35 Firemen’s Memorial Drive in Pomona or participating retailers.

For more information, please call (845) 753-2200.

Download E-Waste Notice (pdf)

No Plastic Bags

No Plastic Bags

  • Do not place plastic bags in recycling bins.
  • Do not place recyclables in plastic bags.
  • Recycle plastic bags and film plastics at local retailers.
  • For information call your municipality or hauler.
  • Learn More

Download Plastic Bag Notice (pdf)

Watch what happens when plastic enters our MRF (Materials Recycling Facility)