Have A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

In observance of Christmas and New Years ALL Rockland Green facilities will be closed on

Saturday, December 25, 2021 and January 1, 2022

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Effective Monday 9/13/21 until further notice:

All loads of Acceptable Cardboard are to be delivered to the West Nyack Facility.
All loads of Mixed Paper and Mixed Containers are to be delivered to Bays 5 & 6 of the Hillburn Transfer Station.

No Hand unloading will be permitted at the Hillburn Transfer Station Until Further notice.
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Effective Immediately:

Rockland Green will not be accepting out of State or out of County MSW, C&D or Recyclables until further notice. 

Out of County municipalities with an Intermunicipal Agreement will be allowed entry.

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Compost Bins & Rain Barrels

Managing food waste at home and collecting rain to water your plants are both great ways of practicing conservation. To help residents compost and reuse rain water, Rockland Green is providing compost bins and rain barrels for sale at cost. Click here for more information or call Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County at (845) 429-7085.

Rockland Green encourages homeowners to compost their yard wastes and food wastes at the source...your home! Composting reduces the amount of waste that requires transportation to landfills and, ultimately, waste disposal costs. Your finished compost can be used to improve the soil quality in your vegetable garden, on your flower beds, and even on your lawn.

Rockland Green also encourages you to practice water conservation by installing a rain barrel to collect rain water for watering your plants. It can lower your water bill and also serve as a useful reserve to water your plants during drought periods.

Compost Materials for Sale

Leaf Compost

Contact your municipality

BioSolid Compost

We Care Organics Inc. (845) 753-2242

Compost Brochures

Backyard Composting

Compost is a valuable soil amendment to use in the garden and landscape. When added to clay or sandy soil it increases the soil’s capacity to hold water.

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Grasscycling with proper fertilizing and watering are the ingredients for a healthy lawn. Grasscycling provides half of the nitrogen needed by a lawn, so you will not need as much fertilizer.

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Composting for Kids

Think about starting a backyard composting program at home to engage the kids and show them how we can reduce our impact on the environment.

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Compost Bins & Rain Barrels

Learn more about the useful effects of compost bins and rain barrels, now available for residents of Rockland County.

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