All drivers and helpers MUST stay with their vehicles while unloading. 


Safety vests and PPE are REQUIRED

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2024 Paper Shredding Events. 
This event is a Drive-Thru service. Residents should remain in their vehicles.
All boxes will be removed from the trunk/hatchback by onsite staff for secure shredding.

Event Flyer

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Effective Immediately:

Rockland Green will not be accepting out of State or out of County MSW, C&D or Recyclables until further notice. 

Out of County municipalities with an Intermunicipal Agreement will be allowed entry.

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Materials Recovery Facility

Known as a MRF (pronounced "murf"), this facility processes only in-county commingled containers, commingled mixed paper and cardboard. They are then sorted, consolidated (baled) and shipped to manufacturing plants where they are made into new products!

  • The Materials Recovery Facility processes commingled papers and commingled containers. Commingled papers and commingled containers (cans, bottles, etc.) from all of the towns and villages in the County are delivered to the MRF by private haulers and recyclers.
  • The commingled papers are separated by hand pickers by various grades (e.g. newsprint, old corrugated, etc.), baled and shipped to plants that will recycle the paper into new products.
  • Likewise, the cans and bottles are separated by the use of magnets, air blowers, and hand pickers into various components such as aluminum, ferrous materials and various grades of plastic. These separated recyclables are then baled and shipped to companies that will recycle them. The companies generally pay the Authority to recycle these materials.
  • The MRF is housed in a 51,000 square foot building which includes a 10,800 square foot tipping floor. The process area includes 5,000 square feet for bale storage. 
  • Note: Some municipal recycling programs may not include all of the items listed below. Call your town or village for more information on its recycling program.

 Acceptable Recyclable Items List



420 Torne Valley Road Hillburn, NY 10931

Hours of Operation

  • Mon. thru Fri. 6:30am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday 6:30am - 12pm