All drivers and helpers MUST stay with their vehicles while unloading. 


Safety vests and PPE are REQUIRED

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2024 Paper Shredding Events. 
This event is a Drive-Thru service. Residents should remain in their vehicles.
All boxes will be removed from the trunk/hatchback by onsite staff for secure shredding.

Event Flyer

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Effective Immediately:

Rockland Green will not be accepting out of State or out of County MSW, C&D or Recyclables until further notice. 

Out of County municipalities with an Intermunicipal Agreement will be allowed entry.

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Name Job Title Email
Jeremy Apotheker Coordinator of Special Projects
Lawrence A. Garvey Assistant Attorney
Ryan Montal Confidential Assistant to the Executive Director
Michael Young Laborer
Kyle Goodman MEO I
Augusto Deleon Laborer
Edwin Mann Laborer
Dee Louis Engineer II
Ronnie Ludwig Assistant Solid Waste Operations Manager
Alecxis Medrano MEO III
Thomas Mullens Weigher II
Ken Murphy General Counsel
Denis O’Donnell Solid Waste Inspector
Steve Pozzani MEO II
Debra Samuels Paralegal
Jennifer Sheridan Assistant Solid Waste Educator
Rachel Young Account Keeping Supervisor
Gelver Anibal Mateo Zenteno Solid Waste Operations Supervisor
Gerard M. Damiani Jr. Executive Director
Adam Alpert MEO III
Erica Anderson Weigher II
Helene Benado Receptionist
Janet Lee Burnet Senior Program Assistant
Guy Festa Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
Joseph diFrancesca Recycling Coordinator
John Downey Weigher II
Yisroel Eisenbach Director Constituent Services
Hermelindo Flores MEO III
James Gallagher Grounds Worker
Noreen Gelok Transfer Station Monitor
Bracha Gobioff Jr. Administrative Assistant
Eden Goldman Sr. Account Clerk-Typist
Jeremy Goldstein Director of Finance
Suzanne Haggerty Confidential Secretary
Daniel Heath MEO II