How-Tos and Whys of Grasscycling

Reducing your impact on the environment is easier than you think. Learn more about grasscycling and how to recycle your grass clippings naturally!

June 18, 2021

Mowing your lawn doesn’t have to take all day or be considered a chore. Picking up your grass clippings can be exhausting, heavy, and hard to deal with. Grasscycling is a natural recycling effort that not only helps diminish the strain yard work can have on your body, but also helps improve your lawn and the environment!  

Why Grasscycling?  

Grasscycling is the natural way to recycle grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn after mowing. Grass clippings tend to be a large part of our waste. There are finite areas for them to be disposed of due to the strong odor they create. Grasscycling is taking proper care of your yard and is the key to a healthy lawn and creating a positive impact on the environment. 

Proper care of your lawn should include: 

  • Watering efficiently, but not often – watering during the morning or evening when less evaporation occurs is ideal 
  • Using the proper amount of fertilizer for your lawn type

Different lawn types:

  • Sunny lawns – require three applications of fertilizer per year (May, September, and November) 
  • Shaded lawns – require two applications of fertilizer per year (best if done in the fall and winter) 

Proper Mowing 

While a special mower isn’t needed, it’s important not to mow more than one-third of your lawn height to prevent weeds. The blades on your lawnmower should be sharp and mowing should be frequent. Dull blades will tear your grass and turn the tips brown.

Try to mow when your grass is dry. This will enhance mowing efficiency and prevent grass from getting clogged in your mower. 

Make an Impact 

Decreasing our amount of waste is something we can all work on – together. So remember to cut it and leave it! The more we recycle materials to prevent pollution, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the higher the positive impact we’ll have on our environment

Learn more about grasscycling and how you can make an impact!