Recycle and Reuse Your Yard Waste

Get Free Mulch from Your Recycled Yard WasteSpring and summer mean it’s time to kick our lawncare up a notch.

May 19, 2021

Get Free Mulch from Your Recycled Yard Waste

Spring and summer mean it’s time to kick our lawncare up a notch. As you’re pruning trees, grinding stumps, and cutting your grass and gardens and putting your yard-waste out for pick up, keep in mind that your newly freshened-up yard could benefit! Turn your yard waste into free mulch for your landscaping! Curious how this works?

Yard waste separation

When you put out your yard waste, try to separate it – this helps ensure it can be recycled for future purposes. Separate it into piles for compost and mulch. 

Compost items include:

  • Grass
  • Leaves

Mulch items include:

  • Mixed brush
  • Trees and branches
  • Stumps

If you miss the chance to put your yard waste out for pick up, you can always drop it off at our designated residential drop off areas.

Yard waste recycling

The grass and leaves put out for compost are placed in a composting container for 30-60 days. Depending on when they reach the appropriate temperature, they then are screened, and ready for use in your gardens! 

The mixed brush, trees, branches, and stumps are ground twice into mulch and then given to municipalities based on the amount collected from the prior year. Rockland County then makes this mulch available to residents free of charge!

Improve Your Garden With Recycled Materials

Though gardening and landscaping are two activities with a rather low environmental impact, a great way to take it one step further is by using your recycled yard waste as compost and mulch. We’d love to see how you used yours! Share your photos with Rockland Green!