New Website, New Look, Better User Experience

Showcasing our new optimized website and responsive mobile design experience for users. Making the user experience better for our Rockland Green community.

July 12, 2021

Rockland Green is coming to a screen near you with a bang! Our new website is sleek, user-friendly, and conveys important county waste management information in an intuitive way. What better way to showcase all of the critical programs and services that we offer than by creating a top-tier user experience through a website redesign?

Optimized Navigation 

To create an optimized navigation architecture on our new website, we needed to put ourselves inside the shoes of our community and approach this from an outside-in perspective. This allowed us to create a navigation architecture that takes the guesswork out of where our website visitors should click to find relevant information. By highlighting our main programs and sectors centered around our recycle and waste management programs, as well as other strategic decisions that were made within this “outside-in” approach, website visitors should be able to get to the information they need in two clicks or less.

Improved User Experience and Responsive Design

Understanding that most website traffic comes from mobile devices it was important for us to make sure that the user experience was optimal starting with your smartphone and carrying that experience through desktop. Although certain elements and the presentation of information may be slightly different across devices, the common denominator for the new website is optimal user experience. We were able to accomplish this with the redesign and are excited to measure the increased engagement that we are confident our new website will bring.

“What Goes Where?” Program Goes Mobile

You heard that right! Our “What Goes Where?” program offers an app-like experience! 

The “What Goes Where?” waste and disposal management section of our new website informs you on how to manage waste of any kind to help you responsibly recycle here, in Rockland County. You can even add a shortcut to your home screen for easy and quick access! From batteries to scrap metal, we let you know how to effectively and safely dispose of it all.