Do You Grasscycle?

The easiest way to nurture your lawn.

June 22, 2023

It’s officially summer, which brings barbeques, cookouts, and yes, lawn care to mind for most of us. We all tend to take pride in our yard’s appearance, right? Maybe you like to compare tips and techniques with the neighbors. So how about a new topic of conversation? One maybe you haven’t tried before – that will save time and money while improving your soil AND benefiting the environment?! We’re talking about grasscycling.

Why You Should Grasscycle

It’s time to take those collection bags off of your mowers, stop bagging up your lawn clippings, and reap the benefits of grasscycling!

  • Benefits to Your Lawn - Grasscycling improves the quality of your lawn and makes it more organic – through the added nutrients put into your lawn from its lawn clippings rather than added fertilizers. Soil volume will even increase, as clippings break down into compost and add to the soil. 

You Want to Grasscycle, Here’s How:

To get started, you need to know what grasscycling is.

Grasscycling is simply not bagging up or raking your lawn clippings after mowing. These clippings are left behind on top of your grass, where they can hold in moisture, prevent thatch and other weeds, and act as a natural fertilizer as they add nitrogen to your lawn (You can reduce your used fertilizer by 20% or more).

Grasscycling can also be the practice of using those lawn clippings as mulch for your lawn. 

So, you want to start grasscycling? Make sure you do it right.

  • Patience is Key - You might have the urge to get out the mower before you want to when it comes to grasscycling. Keep in mind that taller grass means it is healthier. Once your grass is long and it’s time to mow, make sure your mower blades are sharp and you’re trimming to a proper height.
  • Nurture Your Grass and Your Soil - When it comes to watering your lawn, try doing so less frequently but more thoroughly each time, to encourage healthy and deep root systems. When fertilizing, remember your grass clippings will be taking over this job! Using a high-quality (and preferably organic) fertilizer, high in nitrogen, just once early in the season should be all you need!
  • Keep Your Wallet and Your Planet in Mind - There’s no need to run out to the store and buy a fancy new mulching mower to grasscycle, the mower you already have will get the job done. If your mower has a collection bag attached, simply remove it. For even more benefits, a push mower will be less likely to rip or tear grass stems and also won’t emit any emissions from gas or oil.

It’s also important to know when NOT to grasscycle: If something’s popped up in your schedule that’s kept you from mowing your lawn, and your grass is excessively long, it’s best to change this practice up a bit. 

When this happens, recycling is the alternative option: compost your cuttings, sprinkle them over dirt paths in your yard and garden, or mix them into your soil! There are plenty of options!

A Summer of Grasscycling

If you’ve decided now’s the time to take that collection bag off your mower and start this new lawn care practice, we know you’ll see and feel the benefits soon! Lawn care will likely never be the highlight of your summer, but with grasscycling, you will know you’re helping your community and planet with this sustainable practice and saving your time and money along the way!

If you want more information on the do’s and don’ts of grasscycling, or more tips on keeping your lawn organic, and your yard waste out of your local landfill, Rockland Green is the resource for you. Contact us with any questions you may have.