5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day All Year

From cleaning up litter to using a rain barrel to conserve water, here are 5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day now and all year long.

April 21, 2023

We celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22nd. It's a way to increase awareness of environmental issues while giving back to the planet and your local community.

Instead of taking only one day to do more for the environment, what if we made simple, small changes all year long to help our planet?

Let’s take a look at five ways you can celebrate Earth Day today, tomorrow, and all year long.

Clean Up Plastics

We made our first tip an easy one — grab a group of friends, bring some bags, and head outdoors to clean up plastic litter. You can walk around your neighborhood, through a park, or anywhere you see litter. Those plastics will not biodegrade, so making sure you dispose of them or recycle them is a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Bring Wildflowers or Native Plants and Trees to Your Outdoor Space

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day all year is to add native plants, flowers, or trees to your outdoor space in order to attract pollinators and birds. Pollination means bigger, more beautiful flowers and plants this year and beyond. Using native plants to attract birds and other native insects can also help with pest control naturally.

Practice Water Conservation

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day is to make a commitment to conserve water all year round. We encourage you to practice water conservation by installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering your plants. It can lower your water bill and also help water your plants during a drought.

Other simple ways to conserve water include:

  • Not letting the water run while brushing your teeth.
  • Only running your washing machine or dishwasher when you have a full load to run.
  • Installing low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, or low-flow toilets in your home.

Composting and Mulching

Our fourth Earth Day celebration tip is to think local when it comes to compost and mulch.

Did you know that yard waste collected by the town and villages in Rockland County is turned into mulch? In fact, Rockland residents can pick up composted soil or mulch for free — just reach out to your town or village to learn more.

Or if you want to try composting on your own, we can help! Contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County for compost bin pricing and pick-up information and start separating your food waste from your garbage today!

Change Out Your Household Products

Finally, our fifth and final tip involves a trip to the store to reduce toxins in your home. Consider changing all of your household cleaners to chemical-free products with biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Along with chemical-free cleaners, you can also find 100% recyclable aluminum foil and trash bags made from compostable materials.

Remember, you can celebrate Earth Day in many different ways, and even the smallest steps can make a world of difference.

This Earth Day and all year long, help us keep Rockland County, Rockland Green.