ABO Binder

A well-informed, engaged and principled board of directors is the most effective means to assure the public that authorities act in accordance with their missions in the interest of the public they serve. As well as operate in an ethical transparent manner, and adhere to the highest standards of good corporate governance. The Authorities Budget Office (ABO) recommends that public authorities make accessible an overview of the board members responsibilities. Members should familiarize themselves with the Authorities mission, understand the responsibilities and expectations of their appointed position. And most importantly be willing and able to invest the time and effort to attend and actively participate in the board meetings.

For recommended best practices into the management and oversight of all public authorities and all current information please click on the link below:

New York State Authorities Budget Office »

Quick Reference ABO Binder (pdf) *updated thru March 2015

The Authorities Budget Office (ABO) Recommended Governance Practice Conflict of Interest Policy *updated August 2015 (pdf)


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