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Learn About Waste Prevention From Home

As the new year kicks off, we are immersed in a digital world where most people are either working or learning from home. How we absorb information is no longer in the form of experience. We aren’t attending classes, live demonstrations, or events in our communities. Life looks a little bit different for all of us. What we have in common is our reliance on technology and the digital tools to keep us engaged in school, work, and society. 

Since 1994 Rockland Green has committed to providing and educating our community on a more organized approach to waste management. We work closely with municipalities, business, and schools to achieve this goal.  

You Can Still Do Your Part, by Learning

So, you’re stuck at home and your typical learning experiences are postponed or canceled completely. Without these experiences, how else can you be a part of a GREENER community? You can do your part by learning – virtually! 

Rockland Green is prepared to bring you along on our journey to a greener future. 

We Can Do This, Virtually!

  • Learn the basic “how-to” of recycling.
  • Learn about waste prevention.
  • Be a part of the responsible disposal movement. 

In order to create a cleaner, greener future, we need to keep learning. Rockland Green values educating the public of the importance of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, hazardous waste disposal, and conservation.

We offer virtual presentations for schools and other groups (such as civic, senior, garden and residential).

Our Presentations:

  • Provide an overview of waste management in Rockland County.
  • Offer solutions for protecting our environment.
  • Educate students, school administrators and teachers about the long-term benefits of recycling, conservation and environmental stewardship.
  • Are customized by age, type of group and duration.

 Request a Presentation

Now, you can be a part of this movement, from the comfort of your home. 

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