GIVE With What You Have!

2020 has been a year to remember and reflect.

December 1, 2020

2020 has been a year to remember and reflect. Having more time at home creates an opportunity to organize and get rid of clutter. A big contributor to clutter – TOYS! Toys fill up space, they’re an eyesore, and children age out of them quickly. How do we fix this?

Rockland Green wants to help you declutter your home and minimize your pollution by donating what you already have – unused toys.

Taking Steps Towards A Greener Future

Every week a 10 ton truck comes right to your driveway, taking your garbage away without hesitation. Space is cleared in your home by filling a bag and letting the garbage men deal with it’s disposal. Oftentimes, old books, puzzles, and unused toys become a major contributor to this waste. These eyesores are removed when our garbage is taken away and we are left with cleaner, emptier rooms.

Unfortunately, this waste adds up. The plastic alone contributes to the 8 million tons of plastic that enters our oceans each year. This is equivalent to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute.

During this upcoming holiday season, Rockland Green reminds you of the simple steps to take to minimize the amount of waste coming out of your home. Follow this simple process, and you can declutter your home while also contributing toward a greener future.


Gather a few boxes, baskets, or bins, and label them with “DONATE” or a question mark. The “DONATE” bins are for items you’re planning on removing from your home, while the question mark bin will be for incomplete sets, missing pieces, and items that can still be used – they just need to be organized.


Select one room in your house to start with. Choose a space that is used most frequently. Bring the boxes into the room and set a personal goal for yourself. How do you want the room to look at the end? Clean, minimal, organized? Setting this goal gives you motivation. Take a picture, so you can reference for later.

Step Three: GET TO WORK

Dive in. Go through everything – every inch of the space. Anything that is gently used, yet forgotten about by your children, you can “DONATE”. If you think it still has a chance of being played with, set it aside. Is it missing pieces? Set them in the question mark box. Try to make quick decisions here, and don’t overthink it. Remember, the toys are not going into a landfill, they will be donated to children in need.

Step Four: GIVE

This time of year, many find themselves caught up in the spirit of giving. This is something to be proud of, but can easily take over your schedule and add more stress to the holidays. Instead of only giving your time and energy this year, try giving away some of your things! There are many in need this time of year.

To help you with this, here is a resourceful list of local agencies and programs that accept donations this time of year:

Marine Toys for Tots

A most commonly known organization for donating toys around the holidays is “TOYS FOR TOTS.” In order to donate, toys need to be new or in mint condition.

Donate to the children of Rockland County NY

The holidays and winter months are peak season for those in need. Consider supporting this local community support organization for children and families. They accept a variety of donations.

Other Local Resources to Try:

  • Local thrift store. Many thrift stores accept toys, clothing, board games, etc.
  • Local churches. Churches in the community have programs to support families during the holidays. Connect with this community to give back.
  • Local libraries. You can reach out to and ask about book donations. Libraries often take part in local food and clothing drives.
  • Local community pages/Facebook Marketplace. This is the best form of “word of mouth!” Consider posting unused toys on social media or community forums – this way people can see that you have items you would like to offer those in need.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community and the environment, consider giving what you already have, toys. There are many people out there who will cherish this gift, and it is a great solution to the overwhelming waste added to our landfills each and every day.