Tips for Making School Lunches Environmentally Friendly

Learn about 4 easy tips for packing a more sustainable school lunch. 

September 15, 2021

Back to school season is upon us, and so are school lunches. Gone are the days of single-use plastic and paper…. What a waste! 

Revamp your processed, packaged lunch into a sustainable, green statement that will make a difference. 

Use Reusable Lunch Boxes 

Are you still putting lunch in a brown bag? Not anymore! Using a different brown bag everyday and throwing it outputs unneeded extra waste into the environment. Opt for a reusable, insulated bag instead, not only will this create a more sustainable environment, but you will be saving money as well - it’s only a one-time investment. 

Try Biodegradable Sandwich Wrap 

Plastic sandwich wrap is easy and convenient, many of us find ourselves heedlessly throwing snacks of all kinds into these little baggies for lunch. Yet, all of this plastic will sit in landfills, and add to our carbon footprint. 

BioBags are compostable food storage bags that are great for on-the-go and just as easy to use. Biobags keep waste from ever entering a landfill. They are made from resin-derived plants and can be readily composted at municipal facilities. 

Leave Fruits in Their Skin 

Do you pack your fruits in a plastic bag for lunch?

Not only is this wasteful but can be harmful as well. Fruits naturally produce ethylene gas, when placed in a plastic bag, these gas particles have nowhere to go. Fruit naturally has skin on the outside for a reason… protection. 

Next time you pack fruit for lunch, place the fruit in your reusable bag. Just make sure to wash it off before you eat it! 

Use Reusable Drink Containers

Reusable water bottles are good for the environment in every way that plastic bottles are not. Disposable plastic water bottles can be a convenience in a pinch, but this convenience comes at a very high cost. 

Every year billions of pounds of waste ends up in the oceans from plastic water bottles alone. In addition to the oceanic pollution that plastic water bottles create, there are many additional reasons why you should be using a reusable bottle to create a more sustainable environment:

  • Requires less oil to produce
  • Protects water and marine life
  • Releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  • Less likely to end up in a landfill 

Creating Sustainable Change 

We want to create a sustainable change for many generations to come. Making a positive impact on the environment doesn’t have to be hard, it’s easier when we do it together. The earth is something that we all have in common, join Rockland Green in taking care of our planet, starting with lunch.