This section is intended to provide schools with the information, tools, resources and guidelines you will need to establish a comprehensive recycling program and to educate your students about the value and long-term benefits of recycling, conservation and environmental stewardship.

This includes school administrators, teachers, students and other school related leaders.


Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/presentation.PNGPublic Presentations - We offer on-site informational presentations to schools and other groups. Presentations include an overview of waste and recycling in Rockland County, as well as solutions for protecting our environment. Find more information about available presentations.


Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/bus.PNGSchool Recycling Program Assistance - We offer assistance to public and private schools that are looking to create a recycling program or expand an existing program. Find more information about our Green Schools of Rockland Program.


Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/apple2.PNGTeachers Zone - This section provides resources specifically for teachers who are looking to establish a recycling program in their school or would like to incorporate environmental  education into their curriculum. Find more information and resources.


Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/kids.PNGKids Zone - This section provides links to games, projects and videos that we find educational or just plain fun for kids. Visit our Kids Zone page.


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